Usage Examples

Polar King refrigerated trailers are designed primarily for off-site refrigeration where an electrical connection can easily be obtained. Or for highly mobile applications, Polar King offers gasoline and diesel generators for refrigeration on the go.

It’s common to see Polar King refrigerated trailers at festivals, sporting events and other short term outings that don’t traditionally offer refrigerated space for vendors and caterers. Also great during times of breakdown or repair, Polar King trailers are excellent insurance against the unexpected.
On the go, Polar King trailers accompanied by a generator are great for short haul deliveries, as well as emergency relief after natural disasters. These mobile trailers are often an excellent alternative to refrigerated straight trucks, as they can be shared by multiple vehicles and can operate with an electrical connection when not in transit.

Available in standard 6’ x 8’ single axle, 6’ x 12’ dual axle and many custom sizes, these trailers can be configured as coolers and/or freezers. Many of which operate on a 120V electrical connection.
Standard Trailers begin at $13,000
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