Alan Andreae-Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital and Nursing Home, Ely, MN
I want to let you know how pleased we are with the Polar King refrigerator/freezer we purchased.  Not only did it consolidate all of our fresh and frozen foods to one area but made the kitchen much cooler with the removal of the stand alone freezers and refrigerators. 

Andre Lekai - Leo Leo Gelato - Paso Robles, CA
We have purchased a used freezer trailer from Polar King; we drove from California to Indiana to pick it up, site unseen. We are extremely pleased with it. The entire staff has been extremely professional, friendly, always ready with all responses to our inquiries before and after the purchase.  Polar King is a first class company; this world could use more of them!

Andy Schulz-Fisherman's Inn, Grasonville, MD
"After the winds and destruction of Hurricane Isabel settled, our area experienced massive flooding. Our Polar King cooler had no trouble with the high winds that Isabel created, but that’s not even the best part. For obvious reasons, as flood levels began to approach 3 feet, our tie downs pulled from the asphalt and our walk-in floated about 100 yards away before getting tied up in the trees. Once the water receded we were able to bring it back to our location, clean it, and patch one small hole. Since that time the unit has been running great and we’re sure glad we had a seamless unit. I can only imagine what would have happened to a metal panel unit with all of those seams."

Ben Banks-The Sea Shack, Hilton Head Island, SC

Just wanted to bring you up to date on the new freezer.  It is now loaded and all of our chest freezers are now empty and for sale. All of the staff love the new unit, it is much easier to use, frozen product comes directly off the truck and into the freezer. Nothing is unpacked until it is used which saves a considerable amount of time on delivery days and a lot fewer boxes to clean up at one time. There is much more room in the unit than we expected so we will be able to cut our number of deliveries during our peak summer months which will again save a considerable amount of time.

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of the help each of you gave us during the course of our purchase.

The unit came just as described, it looks like new and works like a champ. We are very happy and thank you!

Bill New-Firebird Raceway Inc., Eagle, ID
"Polar King units are top of the line.  We now have two of them; both a cooler and a freezer.  Our long range plans call for one more and we'll be in touch to place another order."

Bryan Pritchett - Pizza By the Sea, Seagrove Beach, FL
Polar King's sales staff and service department gave me excellent service today.  I was convinced by you at the sale that this is the best cooler in the land and your follow up service proves to me that this is an isolated problem.  All the best to you at Polar King!

Christopher Nisbet-Dorchester County Coroner, Summerville, SC
"Our new Polar King cooler is wonderful. I am loving it. It's weird to think that I'd ever say that about a walk-in, but it is great. I am very happy with the finished look around the morgue doors and I have to say that Polar King is the greatest. "

Dale J. Schrock-Dairy Queen of Pontiac, Pontiac, IL
"Just a short note to let you know that I am very pleased with my Polar King freezer. It has given us no problems at all. It holds temperature perfectly and looks great from the outside. Thanks so much for all of your help."

Dave Ritenour - Pizza Hut / Freeland Enterprises - Fort Wayne, IN
We’ve worked with Polar King for over 20 years and on average purchase 1 or 2 units each year.  The quality of your product probably speaks for itself with the seamless fiberglass design, but we’ve actually been more impressed with the level of service we’ve received over the years.  With the number of units we’ve purchased there’s no surprise that some issues have arisen, but in each case you’ve always been attentive to our needs and have stood behind you product. 

We consider Polar King as one of our key vendors and have really appreciated our working relationship.  Please feel welcome to share this note with other prospective clients.  They won’t be disappointed.

Dennis Langhoff - Subway Multi Unit Franchisee - Lonsdale, MN

I have no doubt that investing in our trailer has been beneficial to our Catering Business and would highly recommend "Polar King" as a reputable company that builds a great refrigerated Catering Trailer.

Don Leicht-Harmony Pines Christian Center, Fullerton, CA
"We are enjoying our Polar King freezer at Harmony Pines Christian Center and our on-site director is very proud of it. In fact, he shows it off to our visitors like a proud father would his son. Thanks for the great product and customer service!"

Fran Marsh-Westside Seniors Association, Laurie, MO
"As to the freezer and cooler, I don't know how we ever did without it.  It's saving us about $25,000 a year in food costs, as we are now able to get more food from the Federal Food Bank program.  Those in our group who were originally opposed to the project are now admitting it was a great purchase." 

Frank Hager-Sisters of St. Joseph Convent, Brentwood, NY
"Polar King was a simple and easy way for me to add a new efficient walk-in without any real downtime."

Fred Palmer- Woods Hole Research Center-Falmouth,MA
My ongoing conversation with the scientist utilizing the freezer has been very good. I have been complimented on how well the freezer blends in with the surrounding facilities.  I would like to add that working with Polar King has been a very good experience, you have the appreciation of the Woods Hole Research Center and I would recommend your firm to anyone in the market for walk in freezers, and thank you for your patience and diligence.

Gary Hubbard-Cherokee National Forest-Cleveland, TN
We were very pleased with the support you gave to determine the product we needed.  There were no problems with the  delivery and installation. We're very satisfied with the Polarking cooler we purchased.

Glenn Hyatte - VFW 2511 - Porter, IN
Just wanted to say that we are a Veterans not for profit group.  We bought a used walk-in freezer 4 years ago from another manufacturer and had nothing but problems with it.  Since we have purchased a walk-in from Polar King I have had nothing but compliments.  It seems to run flawlessly….looks great with the building,  and have been totally happy with the product.  What a pleasure to do business with a company that delivers.

HD Hart - Illinois Vippassana Meditation Center - Pecatonica, IL
Working with Polar King has been a real pleasure.  Our sales representative was very knowledgeable about the product, and always available to answer questions.  The delivery department was willing to accommodate our schedule, and the delivery person was friendly, professional and attentive to detail.  We are very pleased with the quality of construction and the appearance of the unit.

Jan Bullock - JR's Chicken - Kankakee, IL
This is the third walk in I have purchased from Polar King and the employees I've dealt with have been professional and to their word.  Polar King walk ins are the best in the industry and I have been in business for over 30 years and have used several different kinds of walk ins at different locations.  Thank You very much to all the staff at Polar King for making this experience a very pleasant one.

Jesse Washington-Houston Independent School District, Houston, TX
"I would like to compliment Polar King on the well constructed walk-in coolers/ freezers. These walk-ins are definitely the solution for anyone with the need for outdoor walk-in coolers/ freezers. With the variety of colors to choose from these boxes are a compliment to any building. I will certainly recommend Polar King to anyone who needs outdoor refrigeration. I am looking forward to doing business with your company in the future."

Jim Black-Frog and Peach, Newbrunswick, NJ
"Our Polar King walk-in cooler is the greatest piece of equipment I have ever purchased in my 22 years at The Frog and The Peach Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ. I am co-owner with my wife. We had a Polar King set in place about 10 years or so, it is a phenomenal piece. Virtually no service calls and it far exceeds our expectations regarding ease of cleaning, reliability, and functionality. I apologize for the time gap but I was just sitting here and came across a mailing from you. You product is "the solution to inside storage problems". Thank you, "

John Niklas-Wendy's Franchisee-Illinois
Polar King is great supplier for top of the line walk-in coolers/freezers.  
Cleanliness, energy conservation, appearance,
and maintenance all start with a great design.
Customer Service, from Sales, Transportation to deliver/set-up, any
parts needed in the future, all are focused on you being satisfied and
proud of your purchase. For over 20 years, we have turned to Polar
King for all of our Walk-ins!  

Johnathon Thurston Davis, CA

I just want to say how much we love our Polar King cooler!  It lasted
outside through the hot California summer with no problems at all.  It runs
quietly, looks nice inside and out, and is well-built.  You guys make a
great product!

Joyce Woodward-Lake Park Christian School, Auburn, IN

I want to let you know what a joy this school year has been due to the walk-in freezer. I was able to purchase a more profitable amout of product. I was able to keep a better handle on the rotation of the stock. In all it was just a comfort to know we had the product on hand when we needed it, and you know that was not a privilege we have ever had in the past. It was a pleasure to work with a company that is truly proud of their product, stands behind it, and has the coustomers best interest at heart. I look forward to doing business with Polar King in the future.

Justine Tilghman-Craigsville Area Food Pantry-Craigsville, VA
It was a real pleasure to deal with everyone at Polar King.  You really have some friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful people on your team.  Congratulations!  Please pass along our thanks to everyone for a job well done.

Kevin Bryant - Indiana
We purchased our first Polar King outdoor walk-in freezer in 2004 and now have 14 units.  Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with both the PRODUCT & SERVICE provided by Polar King. I would highly recommend Polar King International to anyone!

Kevin Rudolph-Rudolph Brothers & Co., Canal Wincherster, OH
You guys really do it right, customer service is obviously priority one at Polar King.

Lon Shadel-Kunsan AB, Korea
"Sincere thanks for your help and OUTSTANDING customer service, one of the reasons since 1995 we have only purchased Polar King Walk Ins. Thanks again!"

Matthew Polstein - NEOC - Millinocket, ME
Our new Polar King cooler coasted easily into place and is a perfect compliment to the River Drivers new restaurant!  Its bright interior and efficient operation please both the corporate office and chef's.

Michael Melhado-Chowder's Seafood Grill, Rockledge, FL
Love my Polar King box, but love the service and follow-up after the sale even more.  You have a great team.  I highly recommend to everyone I know.  My next box will definitely be a Polar King.

MSGT Terry Mower-United States Department of the Air Force
"Your response to our ongoing equipment relocation was completed in a timely and professional manner. Your support has allowed us to precisely locate necessary equipment. Rarely in today’s world does a company so wholeheartedly assist a customer after the sale is complete. The response time and attitude of your office sets the standard that we will compare other companies to in the future."

Neil Caluya-Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton, CA
Our units have been working flawlessly.  All of our hunters are very pleased we have them and the cooler has been a great help.  Thank you!

Paul Humphryes-Billy's Sports Grill, Birmingham, AL
The cooler and freezer is working great and we love it. It was designed perfect and with the right amount of space. I have had more compliments from contractors, delivery and reps in the last 3 weeks than any other piece of equipment we’ve ever hadIt is very impressive and you should be proud of the workmanship that you can produce.

Peter Eshelman-American Specialty Companies, Inc., Roanoke, IN
"We recently purchased a Polar King unit for our restaurant, Café Creole. I want to thank you for the great service we received from your company. Your product is excellent and the service provided by your sales staff was superior. Everyone was very knowledgeable about your products, honored all commitments and has been a pleasure to work with. Your professionalism reflects the quality of your product. Thanks for the great service and I look forward to you visiting our location again."

Reid Tennant-Magic Waters Water Park, Cherry Valley, IL
"In July we lost power at our facility for (2) days and thus power to our Polar King. During this time the outside temperature during the day reached 95 degrees F. We tried our best to stay out of the walk-in as much as possible, in an effort to reduce temperature loss that would affect our food storage. We were amazed that after (2) days we had not lost any product in the walk-in. Simply put, I attribute this to the insulation characteristics of a Polar King, which are far superior to those of any other unit on the market. Had we purchased anything but a Polar King we would have surely lost $2,000 to $4,000 worth of product. "

Richard Teeple-Executive Chef & Instructor, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI
"We recently had a large custom made walkin freezer built for ice carving. Polar King International Representitives' were very knowledgeable and patient throughout the entire process. The job was completed on time with a high degree of quality workmanship and professionalism."

Rick Didier - Didier Farms - Prarie View, IL
This was the third cooler/freezer that we have purchased from you and we have nothing to say but positives concerning our dealings with your company. We have always received our freezers in proper time, and delivery has always been exactly as you have told us.  The quality of your product is exceptional.  We have had absolutely no difficulties with anything.  It has been a pleasure to deal with you and we would certainly order from you again.

Robbie M. Alford-Union Parish School Board, Farmville, LA
"Yesterday was a red letter day in my thirty-two year tenure as School Foodservice Supervisor. Over the years I have fought the battle with outside walk-ins made from panel construction and they ultimately gave me huge costs in repair and a short life span. Condensation with rust and ice build up were expected. Then I became acquainted with Polar King and I am very excited to have such state-of-the-art equipment to start the new school year! As well, you have a top-notch delivery crew of which you should be very proud. They exhibited superior competence in the performance of their jobs. Thank you for establishing a high standard of excellence in the industry."

Ron Hill, Food Service Manager, USPFO for PA
I would like to thank you and the suuport personnel for the cooperation you have exhibited during the repair of our walk-in chill box. It is hard to find companies like yours that shows the support when a problem arises.  

Shannon Boswell - Doddridge County High School, West Union, WV
My experience with the Polar King has been very positive.  Our project has been changed several times, and all of the staff has been there every step of the way making sure every detail fit the needs of our cooler.  They were even gracious enough to let me and my students tour the facility, and have been sending us pictures of our cooler in production.  Thanks Polar King for making this a positive purchasing experience, I highly recommend you for any project big or small.

Spuddy Faucheux-Spuddy's Cajun Foods, Vacherie, LA
"Our business is located in south Louisiana and the weather is brutal here. We were looking for a cooler that could withstand 95-100 degree summers, with 70-100% humidity. Polar King has passed this test with no problems. Being built as a whole unit, there are no seams to leak and no metal to rust. When south Louisiana experienced the hurricane, we lost electricity for 16 hours and didn't lose any of our product. Thanks Polar King!"

Sue Schnaitman-Red Arrow Restaurant, Fremont, IN
"We have been so happy with our new walk-in. The glass display doors that we have has helped make product rotation very simple. Even the health department complemented the walk-in. Thanks again for a job well done."

Tammy Douse-Shasta County Office of Education, Redding, CA
"I am writing to let you know how much our school food service program enjoys the new Polar King freezer unit that we added to our building. It looks clean and attractive from the outside and more importantly the inside of the walk-in is light and bright enough to see everything. It is also very easy to keep clean. All schools should be so lucky to have a Polar King. Thanks for making such a great product and having a great sales staff."

Ted Nugent - Spirit of the Wild, Jackson, MI
Our hunting lifestyle and precious venison is sacred to the Ted Nugent tribe, and our Polar King walk-in cooler trailer is essential for optimal storage and curing of our game.

Todd Estrem-Tasty Pizza-Minneapolis, MN
Anything worth doing is worth doing right! Too bad I hadn't found Polar King the first time around.  Thanks Polar King!

Tracey Pope - Feedlot Health Management Services Ltd. - Okotoks, Alberta , Canada

From my initial phone call regarding product suitability for my specific need and geographical location, Polar King’s customer service has been nothing short of exemplary.  They did an outstanding job in keeping me posted with continuous emails and pictures during the  manufacturing process.  Drawings and wiring schematics were provided well ahead of delivery so electricians were well prepared to wire in these units upon delivery. I am very pleased with the look and function of my two units.  Polar King has an excellent product that they couple with exceptional customer service.  I recommend them highly.

Zeb Mayhew Jr., LCTP-Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn, Vacherie, LA
"Our entire experience was a stellar example of customer service and satisfaction being a company's number one priority. We would certainly use their products in the future."
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