Polar King Quick Ship Program

Polar King understands that sometimes the need for a new walk-in is immediate. For this reason, we offer a Quick Ship program designed to reduce lead times and have a new walk-in on your property ASAP. With eight of our most common sizes and configurations available at a moment's notice, you'll never have to settle for less than the best because of time constraints.

Units available for Polar King Ship Program

8' x 12' Cooler 8' x 12' Freezer
8' x 14' Cooler 8' x 14' Freezer
8' x 16' Cooler 8' x 16' Freezer
8' x 18' Cooler 8' x 18' Freezer

*All units are built with standard equipment and one 36" entry door on the 8' wall.

Quick Ship walk-ins are shipped within 10 working days of order receipt. There are no unexpected or additional Quick Ship fees or surcharges. Simply provide power to the unit when it arrives and you're ready to go.

**Availability may vary by state location and time of year. Please contact us to confirm availability, sizes and delivery date.
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