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Can I get a customized exterior color or texture to match my existing building architecture?
Can I paint my walk-in if I want to change the color?
Can I use my unit indoors?
Can my walk-in cooler temperature be adjusted down to make it a freezer?
Do I need to build an enclosure for the walk-in?
Do you have any used units for sale?
Does a sloped concrete slab create a problem?
How does Polar King handle repair work during the warranty period?
How is the compressor mounted to the walk-in unit?
How long has Polar King been in business?
How long is the estimated delivery time?
How much weight can be placed on the floor?
If I need shelving, can I purchase it from Polar King?
Is it possible to set the Polar King unit on asphalt?
Is there a limit to the number of compartments in the unit?
What can I do to make my walk-in more energy efficient?
What colors are most frequently requested?
What size walk-in do I need?
What sizes are available?
What type of surface does the walk-in need to be placed on?
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