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Comparing walk-in refrigeration units can be a tedious exercise, as most walk-ins on the market are very similar and are constructed of insulated foam panels sandwiched between two pieces of metal.  However, when compared to Polar King’s patented fiberglass construction, the comparative difference has been very clear for over 25 years.
Outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers operate under a high temperature differential (TD); which simply means the outside temperature is far greater than the temperature inside the walk-in.  Therefore, resistance to heat and moisture are critical factors to consider when choosing an outdoor walk-in.  More specifically, the materials and design used to build the walk-in will dictate the unit’s ability to offer long-term reliable operation.
Polar King’s fiberglass exterior design absorbs very little heat because of its natural properties against conductivity.  A conventional metal exterior on the other hand, is actually a conductor, thus absorbing and storing much of the heat and requiring the refrigeration system to work overtime; causing maintenance issues, increased electricity consumption and ultimately reducing its longevity.
*Conductivity measured in btu / hr-ft2-oF
     Aluminum                 128
     Steel                           26
Fiberglass   0.033
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