Common Layouts

When choosing a Polar King outdoor walk-in, you have the flexibility to choose a thru-wall or freestanding unit. Thru-wall installations allow the operator to place the unit outdoors while providing the convenience of accessing the unit from indoors. Freestanding units on the other hand, are stand alone units that are not attached to the building and are accessed from outside.
The type of unit that is right for you will depend on how you intend to use the walk-in or what type of an operation you have. In many cases, a freestanding unit can later be used for a thru-wall application and vice-versa.
Whether you need a cooler, freezer or combination of both, a Polar King walk-in will save inside space and increase your buying power. Every Polar King unit allows you to design your own floor plan and enables you to locate doors and walls virtually anywhere. This flexibility provides foodservice operators unlimited storage opportunities ideally suited for their application.
Freestanding and thru-wall units come in a wide range of sizes and variations. You can get your Polar King in widths from 6' to 16' and in lengths up to 60'. Before you plan to expand, consider the savings a Polar King will provide.
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